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Brothers and Sisters

by Peter Maximowitsch

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Brother 012 08:36
Brother 033 06:20
Brother 045 03:35
Brother 054 03:30
Brother 124 06:37
Brother 541 03:45
Sister 003 03:53
Sister 005 02:09
Sister 009 03:42
Sister 071 05:23
Sister 077 01:06
Sister 091 03:53
Sister 112 01:18
Sister 224 02:17
Sister 334 02:17


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Peter Maximowitsch offers up a tantalizing selection of what he's described to us as "stochastic electronic music", designed through complex systems involving modular synthesis, software processing, human speech, a broken cassette recorder, outboard FX and Csound code programming. Somewhere in the chaos of physical and virtual signal routing, new and fascinating shapes can be observed and recorded, and the fruits of this work bear the name "Brothers and Sisters."

Sonically, it brings to mind many different things - Oval's earlier glitch experiments, Richard D James' spectral mindfucks, Richard Chartier's inimitable work with high frequencies and our very own David Burraston's FM synthesizer homeopathy. Chunks of speech fizz and garble unintelligibly, reminding us that vocal communication is nothing more than acoustic data transference between two receivers. Occasional melodies and rhythmic sentences emerge, only to be blasted apart again by some incoming system reorganizer. Maximowitsch stresses the importance of listening to his recordings at high volumes, and especially on speakers that have a wide range of high and low frequency output.

Brothers and Sisters leaves you with a feeling that could be described as something between being a foreigner and overhearing discussion in a language you do not understand, and having a psychedelic experience, hearing the voice of God. The profundity of these moments still somehow becomes apparent, and undeniable, despite being ciphered and obscured via Maximowitsch's detailed workflows, perhaps even reflecting on a deeper level that distant reminder of human touch present in even the most graduated generative systems.


released April 5, 2020

W/P by Peter Maximowitsch. Some of the compositions (mainly the Sisters) are based on recordings from 2016/2017 of voices on a broken tape recorder (Technics RS-M 63) and analogue modular synthesizer (MFB, Erica Synths) and feedback systems (Behringer MX1604A, Jomox T-Resonator, Ibanez MS10 and SM7, BOSS DD-7). The recordings were processed in Csound in summer 2019. Others were created using Ableton's Operator and Csound. Mastered by The Analog Botanist. Text and design by ABM&D. This is Psøma Psi Phi number ØΨΦXXI. (C) + (P) Peter Maximowitsch 2020. All lights observed.


all rights reserved



Psøma Psi Phi Dayton, Ohio

Sleep fictions, lucid maps and gnostic states. Asemic systems designed by night smokers, bedroom alchemists and oligolaliacs, for intimate applications. Est. MMXVII.

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